Here at RedRing Treasures, we specialize in crispy, succulent cutlets served on top of our signature Red Sauce noodles. We believe that quality starts from freshness and picking the right ingredients. We go to great lengths to ensure our customers get the best.

RedRing Treasures


Since 1938, when our grandparents first set foot on Singapore, they carried with them an ancient recipe for several sauces, meat marinades and noodles. These wholesome and deletable secrets were enjoyed over decades within our family as weekend fare. It is now since the founding of RedRing Treasures that you get to enjoy what we have always thought was the best plate of egg noodles in world. Enter RedRing Treaures's Red Sauce Whole Egg Noodle dish. Rich in natural umami from broths boiled over numerous hours, it is the one dish you must try before leaving Earth.

A Heritage, but with Freshness


In keeping with the family heritage recipes, we make our own sauces, boil our own broths, slice cutlets and marinade them all by hand using our secret recipes. Everything at RedRing is made meticulously on a daily basis from fresh ingredients.

24 hour marination


To achieve flavor strength and succulence, we use a traditional technique where our cutlets are marinated for 24 hours in a secret marinade to allow maximum infusion of flavor molecules into the meat. Back in the age when refridgeration was non-existant, there was a strong reliance on salt and herbs and spices for food preservation. These herbs and spices are hallmarks of our recipes. When you take a whiff, you smell the fragrance of a marinade that has been honed throughout the ages.

RedRing cutlets


RedRing is famous for our chicken cutlet noodles. We freshly fry a hot crispy cutlet for each customer upon order, so that everyone enjoys a crispy 24hr-marinated cutlet.


RedRing whole egg noodles


RedRing's noodles used to be homemade, but today they are made to our specifications using special high protein flour and whole chicken eggs in the right ratio. Because of our choice of flour, our noodles have the elusive "QQ" boucy texture that is characteristic great noodles.  The egg in the noodles provide a full bodied flavor that is perfect when accompanied by our signature sauces. The most important step is an 8 hr aging period where we cool the noodles and allow the natural enzymes in the eggs and noodle flour to break down complex sugars and proteins into simpler, flavorful umami rich molecules.

Precise timing of noodles


How do we ensure that every customer gets perfectly cooked noodles? We cook our noodles in vigorosuly boiling water with temparature almost approaching 100C, and precisely for a duration of 18 seconds. Our master chefs are trained in the art of precision noodle cooking. We have also introduced precision cooking equipment to facilate the cooking process.

Two sauces: Signature Red and Traditional Clear


We serve our noodles with a combination of 2 different sauces!


Our signature red sauce is made with a strong pork bone broth boiled for a full 4 hours to extract maximum flavor. It is then combined with our 'rempah' paste made from a solid reduction of onion, garlic, chili, and several other ingredients. In total 14 ingredients are used in our secret recipe. We have carefully chosen our sources for specific ingredients such as shitake mushroom and achovies as these have a heavy influcence on the final flavor. 


Our traditional clear sauce is a simpler, less heavy sauce made from a rich chicken broth. It is rich in umami, yet subtle, such that one can fully enjoy the texture and taste of our wholesome egg noodles through the sauce. 


The combination of these 2 sauces in the right ratio gives RedRing egg noodles its signature taste.


An Ancestral Family Recipe


The original versions of the secret recipes of RedRing Treasures were inherited from our ancestors, passed within the family from mother to daughter over several generations. Grandma Koh was adamant about us preserving our family heritage, and we have been serving the same traditional dish that we have been savoring within the family for as long as we can remember



What do customers say?


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Customer Feedback


We take customer feedback seriously. We want everyone to enjoy a great meal and have a good time. If you've got an idea that will make us better, SMS feedback direct to the boss (Esther) at 96803201.


Where can you find us?
RedRing Treasures has 2 locations right in the heart of Orchard Road - at Takashimaya (Food Village, basement level), and at   Wisma Atria (Food Republic, level 4).


Wisma Atria Outlet

Food Republic Wisma Atria, Stall 6

435 Orchard Road

Singapore 238877

(Under renovation, reopens 19 Nov 2017)



Takashimaya Food Village

391 Orchard Road

Singapore 238873

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